Little Ants

From dawn to dusk, the little ants are on the move,
Work is the phenomenon they love.

So disciplined they are,
And their industry is rare in nature,
Tiredness never dares to challenge them,
Since the little giants know to fortify their realm.

Mother Nature, at times, turns wicked,
Destroying the home much-loved,
Yet their inner zeal is sped up by hopefulness,
Defeat the Algea and pain with the aid of Achelois.

Their strength is no less than what Hercules had,
Keep working on being glad,
Unity is their glory,
Binding them all together until ultimate fatality.

God has presented so many such instances around us,
Alas! Way blind we are even with healthy eyes thus,
As we can normally see but hardly observe and learn,
The lesson that has the power to change, to earn.

The ants deserve appreciation beyond doubt,
From these little wonders let those learn who simply shout!

by Md. Ziaul Haque

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