Little Baby Boy Iii

Poem By Missy Lynn

I see you upon a breath of light
Lying downward on this night
You are so small and sweet it seems
Beginning to dream infant dreams
Pony rides and puppy dogs
Gigantic slides and Lincoln Logs
Now you relax upon the sheet
Envision, life, so very sweet
Chocolate sundae, Maraschino cherry
The town of Taipei, the Tooth fairy
So lie down and snooze upon the bed
Rest that enormous baby head
Acrobats and bumper cars
Kitty cats and movie stars
Dream and wonder, free and wild
Nap and marvel, now, young child
Moving Streetcars and big biceps
Ringo Starr and Johnny Depp
This you will know of come, someday
But sleep now and dream the night away

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