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Little Baby Jane
RD (07311956 / North Carolina)

Little Baby Jane

Poem By Rhonda Davis

Baby Jane was found cold and dead in a dumpster.
She touched the heart and shocked our souls.
Leaving the conscience of a community to ponder and question why.
Little baby girl cast to the side; did your mother practice genocide?
Would you have lived with another gender?
A female child tossed away with the trash.
Does it make you want to cry?
What life would she have lived given the chance?
What impact would she have made upon the world?
Does it strike the marrow with a lance?
What price was the life of this small waif?
How can we make a place for these tiny tots safe?
Frail little thing left in a dumpster, was your mother a monster?
Or just another scared child left alone in society's dumpster to die?

Ragingheart 041897

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