Hurt me in my body,
hurt me in my soul.
Hurt me while I'm young,
hurt me while I'm old.

Hurt me when I train,
hurt me just for fun.
Hurt me for no reason,
hurt 'cause I'm His Son.

Hurt me in my thoughts,
Hurt me in my dreams.
Send me horror visions,
evil cruel and mean.

Even use his demons,
put my faith to test.
Always seek to torment,
never let me rest.

by Patrice James

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I won an oratory contest reciting this many years ago can’t remember what grade but it was in our reader.
I love this poem because my grade 9 literature teacher read it so beautifully I'll never forget. I'm 70 now. That's a great teacher!
One t'ing dat double-jointed leetle Bateese will be is a sitter for Ireland's Got Talent
When I was in Grade six, my teacher, as a form of discipline, made me memorize and recite this poem before the class. I did it. Never forgot the poem. In fact, on my 60th birthday, a friend from those years gave me a copy of Leetle Bateese, with a note: Remember.
Enjoyed this immensely. That Grandfather fussing at the little boy and every bit of that fussing showed how much he loved his Grandson! ! I wish I had had such Grandfather love surrounding my childhood misbehaviors!
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