Little Ben

Poem By Parthaproteem Roy

Little Ben wakes up with swollen eyes, still drooping in the dreamland,
With Donald, Mickey and Tom, running all around in his wonderland;
So cheerful were those moments, but alas! He has to go out now;
Bidding adieu to his friends, he presses hard his bed to plow.

Getting down his bed, can see the grandeur of Queen's palace,
Lazily as he walks for shower, feels the tender hand of Alice.
Telling him not to fret anymore, as they are going to meet again,
Promises to take him to Cape Suzette and to explore Simba's den;

'But what about hours of aloofness and my stay away from you all'
Saying so, little Ben frowns, and the cold drops make him to stall.
Shivering and dripping, remind him the realm of Little Mermaid.
With ceremonies and plethora of treasure all around, slowly all seem to fade.

Uniformed and combed like Riche Rich, admiring mother pokes his cheek.
Dawdling while having his brunch, poor Ben looks a little meek.
Sighting his father patting his back, swallows his food and hurries his pace,
Getting down with his bag, as he says 'good bye! ' with a sulking face;

Tired of silence and lengthy classes, when he secretly counts his time,
Hearing and jotting all the lectures, as eagerly waits for the bells to chime;
With Spidy, Aladdin Mowgli and Scooby, he yearns for his recess meet.
And it is when he returns back, finds Bluto, Cruela, Jafar and Pete.

Unperturbed with the happenings all around, he starts to count once again,
When the last hour will be over, and can go back in his covert den.
Surprised at the end of green meadow, when he looks out of the window;
Finds his little home out there, seems to be ready with her bridal glow.

Midst of all chaos and mess, when all these still seem to be fresh,
Dumps all whines into a ditch, like a crumb of paper and trash;
Though the time, the escalator brings him far away from his dream,
Seldom takes him back there, floats him through that memorable stream.

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