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Little Blue Boy
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

Little Blue Boy

Poem By Stephen Carey

I'm walking back from where I've been,
I hear that same old sound again.
I see him stare a'way up high,
I say, 'Little Blue Boy, why do you cry? '

He turns his head and looks at me.
I see his face from across the way.
Tears on a face like that shouldn't be.
His eyes shut tight, and I hear him say,

'Why is the big sky blu?
The deep ocean is blue, why?
Now, I am blue, too.
Because the sky is blue, I cry.'

I could almost sing the same sad tune,
But that would not help the Little Blue Boy.
I do know that he will feel better soon,
But I will try to make him feel joy.

'It is okay the sky is blue.
Boy, everything will be alright.
I do know somebody loves you,
I hear their voice cry to the night.'

'Scurvy One, tell me, are you sure?
I feel something is very wrong.'
New tears fall in my eyes, he was only a blur,
But he ran to me, and we sang a new song.

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