Little Boy

Little boy in the bedroom
Why are you alone
Why are you sitting on your bed waiting?
Waiting for something you know never will happen
Why don’t you spend time with your friends?
Why don’t you spend time with the girl you love?
Every day after school you say goodbye and go home
Home to your bed
Home to wait for the world to change its course
Why don’t you talk to your girl in school?
You write to her every day when you are alone
What are you afraid of?

Little boy on the bed
Why are you silent
Why won’t you show the world you exist?
Why won’t you live your life?
If you wait too long someone ells will take your place
Your place in life, your job and your dream girl

Little boy
You are a shooting star
You are running through life with the speed of light
You are burning all your bridges before they even were built
You will burn out at a young age
Feel alone and abandoned
But it’s your fault
You never do anything
You are just sitting and waiting
Waiting and waiting and waiting
For someone to take your hand and show you the way
Take your hand and show you life

Little boy in the grave
You have waited too long
You are dead now
Your girl have found a boyfriend and she don’t even know your dead
Your friends have moved on
Your family didn’t even know you were home
There is nobody at you funeral
It is just you in the grave
Alone and forgotten
Now your life is over
Now you don’t have to wait anymore

by Simon Norlin

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I find this poem very nice and very entertaining.Much fact and wisdom in life are shown here. Thanks for writing this.