As the teachers teach,
and the preachers preach,
with their orchestrated glance,
that makes us dance.
With our slave trade mind,
our true religion yet to find.
Can we pray the inequity away?
The racism that has become subliminal
in politicians' rhetoric messages dismal.
And future looks with well dressed crooks,
who promise promises,
shake hands, baby kisses.
Was Marx and Engels right,
Should we stand and fight
against the capitalist,
the blind economist.
Should we invite the communist?
Rewrite the manifesto's list,
of real equity,
not just in words you see.
But in the heart and mind
may the scrip there find.
Could you imagine that?
A world once thought flat.
A change that unites full circle,
Nothing short of a human's miracle.
No longer would millions die because of hunger,
greed suspended, selfish pursuits no longer.
A socialist- a mind's evolution.
A poet- a pen's revolution.
Enlightenment now becomes us,
In our inner selves we trust.
To be our brothers keeper,
of laws that assist the weaker.
And makes us all stronger,
class divisions no longer.
one we shall become,
under the sky's sun.
To unite the earth with the heavens,
embracing the life that is given.
Freely to enjoy the creation,
Celebrating the birth of a world's nation.

copyright@2007 by Mark Anthony St. Rose. All rights reserved.

by mark anthony st. rose

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For some reason, this poem came to me this enening as I was sitting in my recliner watching an old Western on TV. I am 74 now and I used to memorize poems when I was very young, mostly to please my father who was born in 1887. Little Boy Blue was an old poem when I was young. I had forgotten the last stanza so I decided to find it online. So glad I found it. Thank you.
Such a great poem even though it is so sad. Read it in high school and still read it fifty years later.
I love this poem and could cry every time instead it.
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