JLM ( / Harrisburg, Pa.)

Little Boys

My thoughts are with you today, my Son
I have a package that I'll keep in my heart
It's not to be opened today or tomorrow, but if we should ever part
I'm thinking of how we used to dance, You and your Mommie and I
We would hold each other, warm with love, and the time would
pass us by
Sitting outside with You, in the grass, as we played with your cars
and toys
Like peas in a pod we were my Son, happy 'Little Boys'
Our time spent together, is on the weekends now, not a lot of
time to play
But remember the good times that we had, and Love be with us
all the way
We need this precious time, You see, to be as happy as we can be
And I'll never take the ' Little Boy' out of You
Please don't take the 'Little Boy' out of me

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