SOH (3*31*27 / Roseburg, Oregon)

Little Brother...

Little Brother,
Please don't cry.
Though the world is dying by.
I'll give you wings,
So you can fly.

Little Brother,
Don't ask me why.
Just spread your wings.
Save yourself, Now fly!

Little Brother,
Close your eyes.
Hold back the pain,
Look to the sky.

Little Brother,
Don't be mad,
Don't show hatred,
Don't feel sad.

Little Brother, Here I am.
Though I was gone,
I won't leave again.

Little Brother,
Now, no more.
You'll feel no pain.
And see no gore.

Little Brother,
I'll try my best.
I'll show you love,
Please, forget the rest.

Little Brother,
Go to bed.
Have sweet dreams.
Neither of us is dead.

Little Brother,
Please don't cry.
Though, the world is dying by.
I'll give you wings so you can fly.

Good night,
Little Brother...


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Comments (4)

I'll give you wings, Hold back the pain, Look to the sky. Little Brother, Please don't cry. A lovely poem of love and care and concern and full of ideas. thank you dear Sana
What a privileged little brother, in whatever form it may be; to be so loved. Beautiful Sana
I have already written one comment on this poem, emphasizing the compassion it expresses. But I just finished reading and commenting on THE SKY IS ALWAYS BLUE and the two poems speak to each other. In this one, you are not turning toward the source of the problem and making a moral stand, but rather turning away from the problem itself to help one of the potential victims - the little brother. So together these poems provide a insight into complementary ways of dealing with the World of Today.
The first impression I get in reading LITTLE BROTHER is the offering of protection. That's the first duty of those stronger or wiser or smarter - TO HELP those who are weak or ignorant or undeveloped. The speaker fulfills that role admirably. But what I especially like is the added element of imaginative freedom, for example, I GIVE YOU WINGS SO YOU CAN FLY. The theme of imaginative flight is repeated throughout the poem as a counterpoint to THE WORLD IS DYING BY - which is a terrifying thought.