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Little Brother
EM (7/20 / Brawley, CA)

Little Brother

Poem By Eli MorenoDrew

I look at you
I sense a weakness in you,
However I know you’re not weak.
You have strength, and more to come.

My eyes fill up with tears
One even falls from my cheek
For I too have weaknesses.
But I fight them when you look into my eyes.

Then I wonder of your future.
I fear you will have the same as mine.
But I do not wish this on you,
For you deserve far better than that.

As your brother, I am committed.
I will teach you and guide you.
Follow my ways; don’t make my mistakes,
Your life will be better this way.

You’ll grow up and I’ll grow older,
However that means nothing
Because you’ll always be my brother
No matter what the age.

You’ll have journeys to go through,
You’ll have some bumps in the road.
But put them in the past
No matter how bad it hurts.

And when love fails, I’ll be there
To guide you through the dark times
For you shall always find you way
No matter how hard it seems.

A final thing to say, dear brother:
Live life to the fullest
Don’t grow up too fast.
Remember this: search, find, and never give up.

Well I leave you to this my brother,
I will be your blanket and protect you.
And I’ll be there when times are bad.
For you will always be my brother
No matter what.

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