Little Creature

the aborted little creature lies
writhing and scrying.
the qouta has been reached.
it tampers with the material world.
though you may not see it.
the damned little creature
with the exacerbated eyes
tearing away at your soul.
it rips and shreds your heart to pieces
until you are a repulsive cadaver
with nothing left.
there is never anything left.
not when he's done with you.
the memories of your youth
the memories of your life
all gone.
never to return.
everything gone.
the hideous little creature does not care.
it feels nothing.
it is a lonely figure in a vast expanse.
nothing to cling to.
nothing ever to cling to.
so it tears and rips and devours.
i wish you luck,
when the horrid one comes.

by Wibble TheFisch

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