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Little Dead Book
FN (So long ago as to render me an adult but not longh enough to be elderly. / in Richmond Yorkshire)

Little Dead Book

Poem By Fox Nekitsune

I write a little book
I write in it a list of names
All the loves that Death took
Playing his little games

Now the book is getting full
And my heart is feeling the pull
Another love to lose
What should i choose

If i live a life alone
I wont have to write more names
If i live a life on my own
I wont have to play any more games

Why does Death toy with me?
Why wont he let me be?
I feel his hand like frost
Over the heart i so oft lost

Are you going to take me now
'No, I come to make your heart cold.'
Then he steps back and takes his bow
and now without love I will grow old.

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Comments (1)

Very nicely written.Loss is a part of life.The most painful infact..to come out of it, to live alone, to move on