Your Knight In Shining Armour

In this world of hurt and pain,
Ill be the one that covers you when it rains.
Ill be there to comfort you when your sad.
and to make you happy when your mad

In this world ill be your knight
who would never give up or lose the fight.
A knight who would wash away your tears,
and protect you from all your worst fears.

A knight that cares for who you are inside
with me with there's nothing you have to hide
and know ill never leave your side.

I'm your knight that will keep you strong
and still keep his cool even if you do wrong.
I'll be with you everyday
and no one will ever take me away.

by Schooner Smith

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A wonderful poem indeed. Clever use of words giving a sweet flow to the poem. Enjoyed.
Wonderful imagery, 'badly lit battle-scenes' and 'like a dog looking for a place to sleep in'
where occasionally a heron may undo his head, shake up his feathers, make an uncertain comment I enjoyed the humorous descriptions of nature in the storm... Then in the last stanza the sombre part...can't be fun caught in the storm like that. This poem is do beautifully packaged. Thank go posting
think of him as uninjured in- the storm in dark coarse- fibred families the surrounding water all stuck as fistfuls of limp fish-skeletons but injured all in man made (battle) field!
A beautiful poem on storm and nature has been nicely and astutely executed.
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