Little Feather

Poem By Bill Simmons

In the mountains, within her valley's
Where the rivers meet her streams
Stands the shadow of one boy
One Sioux boy about to full fill dreams

Little Feather they do call him
He has always been quite small
But a warrior he intends today
He can hear the rapids call

Of willow branches and stretched hide
Leather strips chewed and sewn
With red berries and forest herbs
He blesses canoe, his very own

He chants unto the Gods
Of the sun and of the sky
To help him through his ordeal
To watch over, to survive

Fear is not within his eyes
Although it creeps within inside
For a brave he must be true
His blood is pure and too a Sioux

The birds they flock from the trees
As canoe is pushed to stream
The rapids cry in anger now
He knows too it's not a dream

The other braves they look on
As little feather becomes a man
They too chant and they dance
And they sing right where they stand

Now approaching the raging waters
Little Feather's canoe is well subdued
To keep straight up and to stay straight forward
Takes all the strength that he can use

Suddenly where the rapids fall
Where the waters dropp many feet
A rock submerged hits canoe
As all look on and all they see

The canoe is tossed high in the air
The angry waters have him now
Without canoe Little Feather falls
The tribe is silent, quiet now

The mother of Little Feather runs
She searches up and down the banks
All that's seen is overturned canoe
They can only guess he sank

Several braves step into the water
They search with all their eyes
For even a ripple but seen not
Was any signs of any life

The chief he too walks in the water
By a strap and his right hand
Where canoe quietly it floats
Drags it back once more to land

He calls the braves and they gather
To overturn they must do
And there inside and still alive
Little Feather underneath canoe

The chief, he bends down
He pats him on his head
And as he does to Little Feather
To him these words are said

'You are lucky
But a Brave today
Only a horse that is crazy
Would be a brave this way

So Little Feather
I take name from you
You now a Brave
But, Crazy Horse too.

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