Little Girl

little girl
beautiful girl
the sparkle in ur eyes
the smile on ur face
full of life and spirit
one day is gone

little girl
scared girl
wats wrong
y r u sad? ?
y did she say that 2 u?
y did he hit u? ?
no more pain

little girl
disstressed girl
y r u crying
dry ur tears
this will be all over soon i promise
no more tears
and no more worries
im hear by ur side

little girl
brave girl
see its all over now
u did it
the fight is over
go home now
he will not hit u again
and she wont say that again

little girl
outstanding girl
with the sparkle in ur eyse
and the smile on ur face
wonderful friend

little girl
loveable girl
full of life and spirit
i luv u and goodbye

by Josh Woods

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woooooow.......that brought tears to my eyes........can i print this and use it as daily inspiration in my life? ? it is an AMAZING poem!