Little Girl In The Window

There's a little girl in a window looking sweetly at you
She know you and admires you
Yet you don't even know her name
She quietly sits by you in class and wtaches you in the halls
Never talking, just writing
She loves you, don't you know?
But you can't even see it,
You don't see her.
The girl is loosing hope in all she knew
For school is almost over and you'll be gone forever
She knows that she's not pretty enough,
That she's too quiet
Yet she still loves to watch you from her window,
Always having to look in, never wanted
Now it's 2049,30 years have passed
You casually talk to your friends again at your reunion
A girl you once knew tells about the girl in the window
She committed suicide...
As you finally see this little girl, read her things
You realize who she truly was
You finally see the little girl in the window.
Except she is still 14
And you 48
You see that was was pretty and amazing
Yet you neer knew
With the truth known,
You look once more at this girl
And offer her a silent prayer
Saying the final goodbye to the little girl in the window

by Corey Mason

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