(28 October / Lucknow (U.P.) India)

The Moon, Peace and the Earth

Those who invented
For me the sullied terms,
Of the Third World
And the South Asia,
Have brought me to the wall.
The wall that does have any door.

I have only one option open to me,
And that leads to the battlefield,
The guardian of peace,
Came out a consultant of my enemy.

It is a season to harvest
The produce of apprehensions,
The army is busy in saddling the steeds.
What kind of fire it is!
Those who feel themselves secure
Are in the clutches of death.

Let us borrow a little peace
From the Moon and in exchange
Lend it a little life,
Perchance in such a way,
Some samples of history,

Life and civilization
Might remain preserved on the Moon.

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A sweet, interesting poem.. Thanks for sharing..
again magical........