It is a cure to all of our diseases and
it is a herb from the heaven and God
I t is a weapon of couragious heroes and
it has never failed to fetch the desired results
It's way may be long and teadious but
it is quite safe to everyone and all
It's usage never ends and
it is everhelping to one and all
I t is not an empty philosophy of crooked olds
It is a fine solution to all our grieves
It may be soft and thin but
it is mightier than tanks and shells
it emitted two suns in this land
one shined in the land of India and
another shines in the land of South Africa
Come let us join our hands against the violence and
take the weapon of ahimsa against terrorism


Comments (5)

my heart stopped for a second, dear Lauren! I found myself in little girl of your poem. wish you the best....
heart felt poem giving so much confidence in the little mind which is essential.
a very heartfell poem great job lauren
I found this poem to be very touching, thank you.
i love this poem so much..very....heartfelt <3 tiara