Little Girl

Little girl don't you cry, everything will be ok
Little girl confide in me, I'll make your fears go away

Little girl don't lose faith, one day you will be free
Little girl make a wish, i swear I'll make you happy

Little girl i am your friend, I'll always be here for you
Little girl take my hand, be happy don't be blue

Little girl you're not alone, that will always be true
Little girl so sweet and coy, I'll always look after you

Little girl i know it's hard, but please don't you give in
Little girl please be strong, I will help ease your pain

by Lauren White

Comments (5)

my heart stopped for a second, dear Lauren! I found myself in little girl of your poem. wish you the best....
heart felt poem giving so much confidence in the little mind which is essential.
a very heartfell poem great job lauren
I found this poem to be very touching, thank you.
i love this poem so much..very....heartfelt <3 tiara