Little Girls Must Not Fret

WHAT is it that makes little Emily cry?
Come then, let mamma wipe the tear from her eye:
There–lay down your head on my bosom–that's right,
And now tell mamma what's the matter to-night.

What! Emmy is sleepy, and tired with play?
Come, Betty, make haste then, and fetch her away;
But do not be fretful, my darling; you know
Mamma cannot love little girls that are so.

She shall soon go to bed and forget it all there–
Ah! here's her sweet smile come again, I declare:
That's right, for I thought you quite naughty before.
Good night, my dear child, but don't fret any more.

by Ann Taylor

Comments (6)

Agree with every one below... This wonderful little poem sings exactly like a lullaby... It's the meter. But of course our minds need to supply the tune. This poem makes that very easy
this poem looks more like a lullaby.
The Lullaby is nice work.
Lullaby Loving.
What a nice way to convince a child and ask to be okay before going to bed!
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