VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Little Hearts

I born and I cried,

and they all smiled!

Like a doll,

to them all.

The day i took my first stroll,

i never thought i would fall,

the first word i spoke was boo boo,

don't wonder what it is,

bcoz i don't have a clue,

all the angels i saw in dreams,

they looked like my mother,

every superhero in tv,

they weren't better than my father!

Before i went to school,

i used to play in pool,

pinky was my puppy,

and chinku was my teddy,

First day at school,

it wasn't so cool,

it started with fear,

mom wasn't near,

someone wiped my tear,

n she became so dear,

pooja was her name,

we played together a game,

I loved the way she smile,

but it was only for a while,

i lost her in time!

I always remember her as the first one!

She was my best friend!

my pinky, my chinku n my pooja

i love them 4ever...

I'll die, but i won't cry,

wish i could make them all smile!

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Comments (2)

Quite amusing to end with your motto of making others smile....God bless you10+++++++++
howwww chweeeeeeeeeeeeet... very loving indeed...