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Little In Common

Have you ever felt your life is going nowhere
Ted your best school friend is now a multi millionaire
Though you were far brighter than he was in school
Where he often did sit on the dunce's stool?

As a director of a big company he is widely known
And as one of the town's most influential people his reputation has grown
No longer your best friend with the town's successful he socialize
That money speaks every language you have come to realize

No longer your best pal though not one of your foes
School friends drift apart one would have to suppose
Nowadays you do not see him often except for the rare time on the street
Though no chat just a friendly hi in passing when him you do meet

You are well educated with a college degree
Though a materially successful life such things one does not guarantee
Your former best friend Ted a primary school drop out is now a millionaire
And little in common with him you now share.

by Francis Duggan

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