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Little Innocent Orphan Angels.........
RS Ravi Sathasivam ( / )

Little Innocent Orphan Angels.........

No parents to love them
No brothers and sisters to hug them
No relatives to take care them
No toys to play for them
Living on their own in the darkness of the world
These are little innocent orphan angels
have no one to hear their plea
Their silent tears stream down their faces
Their heart is melt to cold
Believe winged angels are the guardian for them
and they are sentenced to eternity
Happened to be born and waiting for someone to love them
Happened to be born and waiting for someone to care them
Happened to be born and waiting for their bright future
Everyone speak so quick about them but slow to act
Let us save these children from the darkness of the world
and give them hope and bring them to bright future.

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exerllent poemgoodcharector
well sort of touching poem indeed.. great words indeed. you know the main problem is sir.. that we write and talk about those orphans and poor destitute s, we dont really put our thoughts in to practice.. when it comes to really saving them.... anyway this is a poem that raises many concerns indeed! ! ! with love shan
wonderful poem, concern raising indeed