Little Little Man

Little little man, little little man,
set free your canary that wants to fly.
I am that canary, little little man,
leave me to fly.

by Alfonsina Storni Click to read full poem

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I was in your cage, little little man, little little man who gave me my cage. A great ode to liberty so earnestly wanted in life.
This is incredible. She builds tension and emotion from line to line on simple words and a simple pulse of the poem's heart and it certainly deserves more than a few trite words. This woman was a top flight poet and she respected her craft and art.
Canary wants to fly and to be free from cage. It must be set free by little little man. Beautiful presentation.
little little man, ........ interestying...... well penned
Such an interesting write by Alfonsina Storni👍👍👍
Great poem reiterating the greatness of liberty and freedom. Thanks for sharing it here.
Nor will you understand. Nor do I understand you, but meanwhile, open for me the cage from which I want to escape............................ Wisdom. Nice post.
The song of a suffocating bird willing to fly away and roam in freedom. Nice drop. Liked it.
a freedom from man poem that whistles for an escape?
It is about freedom, canary.set it free. freedom issue in twenties was a big issue. man was not free.countries were not free.Issue of man's freedom springs out of issue of freedom of a country, from freedom of a social group. Poems on this issue was very popular.
Leave me to fly...... thanks for sharing....
Half an hour! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Nice poem on love acceptance. Liked it...8
The poem describes the resolve to be separated from her man ones for all after her disenchantment with him and his behavior. Nicely penned. Thanks for sharing.
half hour is very long time
Alfonsina, one of the bigest of S.American poetry.Coragous suicidal woman.Dares frienship to damned Horacio Quiroga (uruguayan narrator) .This poem coul be her pressumible assumption of failed affective life.If she is describing one man is ok.If she is describing male condition around she is wise. Too hard for a big woman to take male miseries and distreatments. That could be a reason she preferes her dog for company.Not easy at all...