Little Lost Angel

Days and years have passed and still she sits and thinks of him
The world keeps going but the thoughts and memories she still mourning. The light he brought to her dark sad heart never stops glowing. Day after day she wonders if he ever thinks of her. But you wouldn't know it because she has to much pride to show it my little lost girl. She dances and parties her sorrows away. Beautiful and full of life. It's all a facade a part she's grown used to playing my little lost girl.
How she cries alone all the time my lost little girl. She wishes she could go back and change to the girl they were so drawn too. The beautiful angel with that smile and charm and life that made her the one who broke them. She reels them in unaware of her powers she always pushes them away. Little lost girl wants control and love but the story always ends with hate and anger. She never felt loved her whole life so whenever love enters her dark sad heart she pushes it away and kills because she's afraid of it. She cries and prays for her lost love everyday, asking and hoping that they can forgive her..Maybe one day she'll get her wings..

by Bella Angel

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You got what it takes to develop and grow in the poetry world! Show the world you love and talent! Speak your mind, my dear! Keep it up! 10+++ Love and Peace...(If time permits, please read two of my poems titled: AN ANGEL AND A VIOLIN and A MISSING ANGEL, hoping you enjoy them both! Thanks for sharing! ...