Little Makes A Lot

Little makes a lot
- - - - - - - - - - - -
A sea is composed of many little drops
So is the sea of humanity of many little souls
And you are one of them comprising the whole
See how for days together he is starved
For a loaf of bread he stirred hell and heaven
Now he is holding a gun instead in place of bread
Born yesterday he has not seen his parents even
Stars, moon and sun all to him alien
Though they furnish kind roof to his dream house
In the midst of night he finds moon
Shining oh his face and stars beaming confidence
Yet oft dreams to be sheltered from rain
Wind, thunder and scorching sun
In the quiet of night and in the light of dawn
He is oft seen groaning with hunger pangs
And you say, to worry about I find no reason
For I have done my bit to the society
By sincerely reacting to it with sympathy
But is this going to solve everything my dear
Matters not how many reactions you carry
Drear pictures will keep you haunting
As the disparity between haves and have-nots is widening
You may turn a blind eye but it keeps coming
As bit by bit this is reaching the climax of human ills
And into a chaotic world we are falling
You are one amongst billions
Your action counts more than your reaction
Donate a dollar and see the difference
For a little it may seem but makes a lot of difference
Or else this beautiful world will perish
One day half with greed, half with starvation


Comments (3)

Beautiful poem. Very true said in few lines.... Or else this beautiful world will perish One day half with greed, half with starvation. Tiny drops of water can do a lot. Especially if all contributes just a drop of water. Thoughtful write on our society. Loved the way you presented it.
Empty words uttered and hollow sympathy shown are not going to solve the problems! Millions of people are steeped in poverty and starvation. So action is more important than reaction! What you donate may be like a drop in the ocean! Yet little deeds of kindness make so much of a difference as little drops of water make the mighty ocean! A great message through a beautiful poem!
in selfish world selfishness is the ruler...........................great reminder we have to care the society else this beautiful world will perish One day half with greed, half with starvation...great.... great