Little Man

There were options.
And there will always be those.
He knew he had them too.
They were pointed out to him.
And all over the place...
In perfect view.

He refused and did not listen.
As if he had something to prove.
He is but just a little man!
And a little man can only do...
What a little man can,
From a limited menu in self pursuit.

Forget making suggestions.
Put your advice on ice.
He does not deliver gratitude.
His mood is quick to show attitude.
Whether that is given to them,
Me or you!

This 'dude' is a little man!
And a little man can only do,
What a little man can comprehend...
And understand.
It is pointless to belittle him...
Since his followers are also loyal fans!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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