Little Minds

Little minds will box you in
Hold you fast within the walls
Of what you know and what you see
But never let your thoughts run free

To challange what you understand
To reach for heights you never knew
Expand your mind beyond the wall
Enlightenment your wake up call

There is a safety in your realm
That bars the dragon's unknown breath
High walls may be your saving grace
But shade the sunlight from your face

Reach out and let your mind run free
Savor knowledge far and wide
Wisdom comes to those who seek
Strength will save the mind that's weak

Open up the long locked door
Breathe the essence of your life
Take that step outside the box
Onto the road where wisdom walks.

by Linda Ori

Comments (4)

Well crafted and brilliant flow, Enjoyed this a lot, one of your best.
Solid, wise advise, though very difficult to live by. But the most laudable of aims all the same, and to be striven for energetically and honestly. Everyone of us in a version of that box though I think - or it might just be me. Everytime I think I've broken free, it's into a new set of walls that I can't see until - oops. Britney! But, I do try to push them over - when I see them! I'm working on it! Thanks for a needed reminder. xx jim
Brimful of fine philosophy and much truth, Linda. For many, though, it remains 'cold outside' and more than a little gentle encouragement may be needed. Hugz jack :)
Emphatic call to heed to...Knowledge is the intangible & safe steroid for the Brain Strong write, Midnight... frank