On Revisiting The Sea-Shore, After Long Absence, Under Strong Medical Recommendation Not To Bathe

God be with thee, gladsome Ocean!
How gladly greet I thee once more!
Ships and waves, and ceaseless motion,
And men rejoicing on thy shore.

Dissuading spake the mild physician,
'Those briny waves for thee are death!'
But my soul fulfilled her mission,
And lo! I breathe untroubled breath!

Fashion's pining sons and daughters,
That seek the crowd they seem to fly,
Trembling they approach thy waters;
And what cares Nature, if they die?

Me a thousand hopes and pleasures,
A thousand recollections bland,
Thoughts sublime, and stately measures,
Revisit on thy echoing stand:

Dreams (the soul herself forsaking),
Tearful raptures, boyish mirth;
Silent adorations, making
A blessed shadow of this Earth!

O ye hopes, that stir within me,
Health comes with you from above!
God is with me, God is in me!
I cannot die, if Life be Love.

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Comments (4)

This is the saddest kind of thing - they even pull their baby teeth and inser dentures that resemble adult teeth to make them look even sexier. And people criticise Paris Hilton? Who do they think taught her - and where should she find the door to another universe? And why? Kind regards, Margaret.
Heartfelt poem about such a tragic ending to a little girls short life. Yes, who was teaching her all that? And what are we teaching young girls with all the media about beauty? Seems like we are bombarded with messages about how we will not be pretty unless we have this lipstick, that blush, that hairstyle, those clothes. I have even seen little girls in preschool say 'I like your shirt, want to be friends? ' Anyway, good poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb
Well done! Beauty comes from inside. If it's not there, makeup won't create it. Let the shine live on!
good rite Sus....a touching story behind the poem