Honey Kiss

Honey Kiss

Very nice honey and kiss
we all love it
naturally we have to pay
for the honey
the bee’s doing labour and dies early
we live longer thereafter...
even the Queen bee ‘
dies four years thereafter

Only honey labour
have shorter lives
of four months
do you know it?

Humans have a long way to go
find how a small honey bee
converts pollen to honey
for you and me

Sweet is honey
like a lovely kiss
we all get from a beautiful miss
but of course for free

You do it daily
you and we all know it...
so for a jar pay,
just for the swift sweetest kiss
Off Honey, you darling miss
Ain’t it

Love you do again and again
Kiss, kiss and kiss
till blushes your naughtiest miss...

How were the Honey’s
Many so many kisses
Latest ones

Will you share it?

by me poet yeps poet

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