.: Little One: .

.: Little One: .

Sitting on the porch steps
Waiting for her daddy to come home
To sweep her off her feet
Tickle her tummy and tweak her nose
Impatiently waiting
She goes and sits on the curb

The street is deserted
Dead with no sound
A sigh escapes her lips
Remembering back to the other night
To when her daddy came home late
Late and very angry

Forced into a dark corner
Shivering and afraid
Of the looming figure
A hand raised over her
She cries out

Daddy! ! ! Please! ! !

She loves him so much
All she has left
A mother long ago gone
Longing and yearning
For somone beautiful
A beautiful Mother
..Made into a fantasy

..Or was that just the image of a mother?

Only one who was drunk and abusive
Her father would send over every so often

Is there wrong in wishing for something so beautiful?

Closing her eyes
Swaying with the wind
Feeling the evening's warmth
Only to be jolted awake with a deafening screech..
..Daddy is home.

Standing quietly
She watches Daddy
As he strides over to her
Standing tall over her little frame
She catches a glimse of a smile
Or was it a smile.. A Smirk?

Heart wrenching and slowly sinking
She follows him inside
Into a dark world of fear, sorrow, and longing
The heavy door slams behind her
She falls against it
Heart beating so loudly, wildly
Putting a hand on her chest
A tear slowly slips down her cheek
Leaving a streak of dirt
Only portraying such a life
With no choice

With such broken love and hopes
All shattered because of another..
Another also suffering

Can anyone see her sorrow?
I do.
And.. I love her.

March 2006

by Joy Davis

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oh the sadness..