Little Pansy Faces


When I see those Pansy faces
They always make me smile
In spring they are so welcome
And I look at them awhile.

They snuggle in with others
And play so nicely too
Ah yes, little Pansy faces
I will be glad to share with you!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (2)

Love pansies. So intriguing their little faces. I've tried to get to your Forget-me-not poem but I keep getting a Not found message. I'll try later. It's just that all our forget-me-nots are out at the moment hiding near the masses of pink Campion. Another fine poem, Marilyn. I'll be back for more soon. Tom Billsborough
A short and sweet poem glorifying the little pansy flowers, a lovely manifestation of nature. Thanks for sharing.10 points.