(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

Little Pieces Of Memory

I can't remember when I was born
I guess I was cute
I bet I was snuggly and such a hoot
Rolling around, kicking and screaming
Remember when life didn't have a meaning?

I can't remember when I was really young
The childish behavior
Like sticking out my tongue
Acting silly, being fun,
Remember not being on a run?

I do remember when I was just nine
I wrote quite a few things
My poems were mine
I could write all day and night
I guess I turned out all right

But the little pieces of memory are with me forever
from when I was a baby
or really young
But now i just don't stick out my tongue

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Comments (2)

i like it. well written. gets your point across. -miss ann thrope
A sweet take of the innocent whims of infantile youth slowly metamorphosing into a greater consciousness as time goes by, yet a success to retain, as you put it, 'little pieces of memory', little shards of gold that not even the acid of time may dissolve. A nice read. - K.