CB (11-4-93 / )

Little Ray Of Light

Under moon, with night beyond
Under star, with piercing cold
There lies a thought of which I'm fond
Of warmth that's kind and bold

Warmth takes the form of one
Who looks upon they with gentle eyes
Radiating golden strands as the sun
With heart so tender it catches mine

I am captivated by him, as though I don't understand
For this warmth works inside out
I'm held together by this one, not boy nor man
Where I lay frozen without

Warmth is the one my heart knows
Craves with unending desire
This feeling, even when dull, never goes
His smile feeds like raging fire

And in this last part, said is all
My strength is found, now never I fall
Our hearts, our minds; together, in-tune
For if he is my sun then I am his moon

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People say I'm good at writing poems and such......but you are beyond me...beyond words that speak.....this is...wonderful....wow......wow..... ♥ ♥ I need more words.