Little Shelby

Shelby was her mother's little saint.
A little girl who loved to paint.
She could make those brushes paint a scene.
Of beautiful and vibrant color schemes.
Shelby loved to paint so much it seems.
She even painted pictures in her dreams.

by Lamar Cole

Comments (3)

Painted picture in dream is a good quality as it brings progress in life. We must dream for future. This poem brings painting not only with brushes but also with noble works as a saint. I look at this poem on a philosophical base. All lines of this poem are attractive and meaningful though it is simlpy written on a girl and her painting. Thanks for sharing.
Painted pictures in dreams wow Beautiful poem
...And you paint pictures with your words! Great job here, Lamar. I love it, especially anyhting to do with childhood, art, and dreams. Let's give you a 10 for this one!