(04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Little Sparrow

Where are you, little sparrow,
Because you don’t sing anymore
From your lonely cage by the yellow window:
Truth be told,
You hardly sung to me at all,
But I am sad now, little sparrow,
And your grandmother wants to see you
Once again before she leaves this world.
Because you sing so beautifully,
Little sparrow,
When you let yourself go,
And reminisced on the things which
Never happened to us....
Even though that was quite so long ago,
And I have never become the great artist
You told me I could be:
Further from the sun,
The world is sadder now, little sparrow,
As you must know where ever you might be:
We need you to sing to us to keep us warm;
You are such a small thing,
But you are the one who can lighten the earth.
The trees are shivering now on the edge,
And the lawn is full of blue frost
Which doesn’t know where else to go,
And the last light is keeping like a
Candle on an ancient desk,
But soon too it will be gone-
Old friends are returning to the far away
Places I once knew them,
And you might see them again
Without even noticing, little sparrow,
But it is doubtful I will hear at all,
Little sparrow,
Unless you can resurrect me with
Your needful song....

by Robert Rorabeck

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