Little Tommy

A sting for new revenue,
Has affected...
Those chores that smothered 'children' do.
For promised cash payments!
And eliminate those 'I-owe-yous'.

In days of old...
Children did what they were told.

No payment did I get,
For washing dishes as expected.
Or taking out the garbage,
On a daily basis.
My parents would dare us,
To expose unhappy long faces.

Picking up my clothes,
From the floor was unheard of.
Or chosing to ignore,
What I knew should be done...
Invited a quick whipping,
By a switch I picked.
Stripped of leaves...
Before that whipping begun!

Today kids ask parents for overdrafts!
And then are billed for fees...
To ensure they accomplish tasks.
To motivate good scores,
On school tests they barely pass!

Even if C's or D's are all they receive...
A grace period is extended.
To relieve them from 'pressures'
As school counselors recommend.

And those children creative with fresh excuses...
Are threatened to have taken from them,
Their car keys and other amenities...
As a punishment inflicted.
For a thirty day period that ends after ten.

And parents become weakened,
When these spoil brats squeal...
'I wish I was never born!
A neglected orphan...
A refugee is how I feel! '

And the caving in begins!

'...but honey,
We can not continue throwing Little Tommy out of the house! '

~Little Tommy is 40 years old.
Has had two jobs in three months.
Hasn't paid rent here in ten years!
We pay his car note.
Plus money from us he has been 'loaned'! ~

'...but, dear...
Be reasonable.
You know how difficult it is for these kids to stand on their feet.
Especially the way the times are today.
Do you want your son living in the streets?
And beating the cold pavement,
With no place to sleep? '

~It will be a miracle just to see him get up off his ass.
In 'our' lifetime.
And maybe we can get that path repaved...
From the couch to the refrigerator!
Or a show of gratitude.
That is all I ask!
At least say 'thank you'.
Has he offered that? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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