Little Weed

Poor little weed you just want to survive

But, I am sorry to say, “I will not let you thrive”,

Wherever I might see you growing, I will always pull you up

I will end your life, then I will toss you away like a paper cup.

Wherever you try to grow whether in the dirt or under a stone

I will destroy you, and I will make sure that your seeds are not sewn

When you begin to appear between the cracks of the concrete

I must always step on you and smash you with my feet.

I will pluck you away from my yard whenever you are found

And if your roots run deep, I will dig you up from the ground,

I don't know why I hate you, but I know that I do

My father hated you as well, as I remember that, which is true.

Since you are a weed, my father's words I must always heed

I must destroy you all, and also hopefully your seed,

Though sometimes I have imagined and wondered if I had let you live

All the memories and maybe beauty that you were willing to give.

by Randy McClave

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