Little White Rabbit

While sorting through a drawer
in my old treasure store
I came across a little white rabbit
almost forgotten there,
as I picked it up
my memory danced back
to the person who gave it
to me forty odd years ago.
I could remember her blue eyes,
her shoulder length blonde hair,
and that gentle smile of this lady fair.
She was at one time the love of my life,
long before I met my wife.
My love could not be returned
as she was seeing someone else,
but a friend she was,
and a friend she will always remain,
until my dying breath.
As I look at the little white rabbit,
dreamy eyes I become,
I drift back all those years,
and for a brief second or two.
I smile to myself,
and wrap the little white rabbit up,
putting it back in the drawer,
so I can remember,
that lost long distant love I had once more.

by David Harris

Comments (6)

Some things you just can't throw away David, they are so much part of one's life. Comforting and protective. Lovely piece. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Here is to lost loves, my friend..10
Lovely Poem, lovely sentiment David I like this one. A Ten from me. All the best, David
What a precious memory to save and pull out of the draw to bring a smile to your face when you need one: O)
Oh so beautiful, tender..memorable. I hope that forty years from now someone things of me the same way. Loooved It!
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