Failure And Success

Such irresistible twins,
Shadowing each other,
One can't make it,
Others can't do it.
Holding hands together,
Far and wide to the ocean,
seas, rives and waterfalls,
to the greatest heights,
and profound deep,
both of them following the other.

Failure first then comes success,
Success first then comes failure,
Both of them give way to the other,
For they know so well,
either one can live freely,
For they are both
Shadows and Twins!

by Susan T. Aparejo

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This poem is a classic because in such few words it brings alive a timeless, ever-recurring situation-a child's wish for a playmate and her inability to understand the limits of babyhood. It is the type of poem that the Japanese prize, for example in their Senryu or satirical poetry.