Poem Hunter
(12-05-1990 / Hull)


Poem By Danny, James Archer

you dwell on theorys about life,
why not just live it?

A good mind is attatched to a body!
as you make your final mile you'll regret it.
you'll see that what you have done is corrupted minds
and left nothing to ultimatly push for.

A time was when the idea of the universe was that
stars were heaven beaming through the sky.
there ideas were poetry, you only undermine.
'religion cant be real.' we want Revoultion not evolution.

You cant see, but YOU justify crime!
YOU go against all 'morals'!
and YOUR destroying our planet.
its on your back.

Contemplate this, A world where all people
beleive in someting. where everyone
strives to better them selves
and where all humans are equal.

Contemplate this, no society
only freindships and favours
where no man owes another.
where nothing is a must.

Contemplate this, a life
thats worth beleiving in... its gone now...

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go Danny go. take care, . i'm contemplating my next poem.