Live! And Not To Look For Bad News

Can anyone from a consciousness,
Claim to know...
What tomorrow brings.
Before tomorrow comes.
And if so,
They should tell others,
They know who love their burdens.
Tomorrow is not that day,
For a sharing of their woes.
Tightly strapped to their backs.
As if in a fashion show.

These folks should be told,
Forget about tomorrow.
And the days ahead to come.
If they can not let go...
The bringing with them the same complaints.
The looking down and around with frowns.
And the singing of the blues.
Hoping to share with others,
Gloom and their forecasting of impending doom.

People like this should be told,
To stay away from folks more optimistic.
Those folks doing their best to live!
Awaiting tomorrow.
And days thereafter to come.
Not to look for bad news.
Or those with breath,
Heated by a feeding on evil deeds.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

These folks should be told, Forget about tomorrow. Not to look for bad news.... /..... I would like to add an old phrase here 'Tomorrow never comes'. The poem nicely analyses the outcome of carrying a baggage for tomorrow which does not exist in the time-scale. Thanks a lot.