Live For Today

Life should not be trusted,
You never know when its gonna end on you.
No one knows what tomorrow will be like,
Don’t wait for the future,
Live for today.
Love before everything ends,
Love now, or never.
Live for today, before you never get a chance.
Don’t let the time pass,
Enjoy every moment of your life.
Forget all your sorrow,
Just think that was all yesterday.
Enjoy today,
Forget bout tomorrow,
No one has seen it.
Live for today.
Help others, live for yourself.
No one has seen tomorrow.
Live for today.
My heart is full of love,
Happiness has shone on top of me.
Just hug me and forget bout your sorrow.
Live for today, and forget bout tomorrow.
Life should not be trusted.
Live for Today.

by Innocent Angel

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