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Live In The Jungle

I'd like to move to the jungle and live in a tree
Tarzan would be my neighbor, and I'd be free
Free to live in nature, living off the land
Bathing in the lake and laying on the sand
I'd have coconuts and bananas to eat
And sometimes berries, what a treat
I wouldn't need a ride, I'd swing from vine to vine
When the fruit had ripened, make my own wine
I'd ride an elephant, if I had to travel far
I'd save so much on gas, not needing a car
I could stand on a tree limb, beating on my chest
And I could scream out, and the monkeys come to rest
I must have watched T.V. a little to much
Because, with this poem I seem kind of out of touch!

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Donna I would love to see you 'beat your Chest', topless like tazan is a must ya..Love ya dave xxxx