Live In Your Dreams

She lives in her dreams
and the blessings of her dreams
spoon her from the back,
wipe her tears
and when she turns her face
these blessings whisper in her ears,
go on smiling,
go on living,
I am here to back you,
the innocent dreamer,
The world may not be as much beautiful
as you dream,
again it's not as much ugly
as you fear.
Go on dreaming the day
when from the back
I shall come to your front,
when from silky hairs to to your soft lovely feet,
all that you have will be kissed
by all that I have.
Live in the blessings of your dreams
till your dreams come true,
be confident
if you love me,
I love you, too.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (4)

So soft are the feelings thoughout this poem! I love the line: and the blessings of her dreams spoon her from the back dreams coddling her throughout life.....Dreams do that! ! ! Lovely write.
Live in one's dreams I love you Even if no return from you...good piece
Beautiful poem for holding on to dreams. Thanks for sharing.
Being inspired by a lovely poem of Geetha Jaya Kumar.