Live Joyfully

As dawn breaks and the land is covered in dew
Wake up, embrace the newness and the magnificent you

Realise who you are and no longer resist
Appreciate and marvel at how perfectly you exist

Embrace the gift of your life with open arms
Identify and celebrate you and all of your charms

Love all things now, you are life, you are free
Embrace the new and endeavour to simply just be

Learn reactions to places and people is choice
Take ownership of your emotions you now wish to voice

Eradicate habitual responses to the usual mess
Instead raise your own level of consciousness

Stop the dwelling, embrace the future as chosen
Now you can appreciate your own Garden of Eden

The tensions subsiding from stored past inhibitions
Enhancing your trust in mind body connections

Focus on the things you dream of and aspire
Trust your mind to calculate all you desire

Release all those blockages and soften the judging
Give energy to attracting, to being and to loving

For happiness and a life that is full of content
Feel ready for the implementation of loving intent

Commit to your goals, sit back and determine
They are now a filter in your own life’s engine

Have faith and enjoy this is your magnificent duty
To make your life a celebration of all its opportunity

Apply this from now to all that you do
Effortlessly. Beautifully. Joyfully. You.

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