Live Life...

Poem By Xelam Kan

love, that dwells
in you as fragrance or tears
in eyes,
and it comes only when you
gets hurt and forlorn, but this loneliness
sometimes feels good but never feels right.

This heart only be filled with unforgotten
moments of pleasure and pain:
love and not to be loved? or
to be and not to be...
(then WTH my heart swarmed with,
that smeared all the beauties around) .

We all are here my dears
to laugh at the odds and
never complain, and should
live our lives,
as to ponder even a Death,
if it dare to take us.

Comments about Live Life...

To love is to live with the beauty of the soul in flight, even if it doesn't works out, it's all a gamble, like the roll of the dice, everything can suddenly change!
this is very odd when we are bound to laugh for live or life.... thank you Sir... for a nice poem... truly said...Sir..

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