Live Life

Poem By Eliseo Rivera

Have you ever look up at the sky?
And wondered if your whole life was a lie?
Was our creation
Really a cell mutation?
Or were we created by a supreme being?
An invisible force with a universal scheme
Was it destined from the begining of time
For you to sit there and read these lines
Or was it just coinsidence?
A simple insedent
A product of cause n effect
And thus homosapiens were born with deffects
Some believe in science
Some believe in da bible
But its pointless cause none is reliable
And yet there's contraversy
One side saying the contrary
But it still reamins a mistery
Now I don't know which is true
But I'm not wasting my life getting a clue
Life's too short to worry about the past
Cause you never know what moment might be your last
So while you have your beliefs
I just sit back and stay relieved
Too much stress is inserted in your mind
And frustration is the result of failure to find
I don't believe in faith
Now I ain't saying it doesn't exsist
I just don't carry around a fuckin list
In which to live by
There's nothing I can apply nor deny
Cause as I look up at the sky
I feel as if I can fly
I feel untouchable
Unharmed by words
I feel as fly as the birds
My self-esteem soaring higher than yours
Tall is my height
Clear is my sight
Anxious is my condition
20/20 is my vision
And if you were like me
Then you could clearly see
That I live worry-free
Not like religious people who are imprisioned by their beliefs
Keeping their freedom brief
I live my life easy and simple
I don't kept my freedom minimal
Cause as long as your life isn't critical
Or based on biblical miricales
Then you will live only by one principal
Live every moment as if it were your last
Let go of your past
The road may be long
But there's no right or wrong
So don't worry about the path
Cause you can't get it wrong like in math
You only have one chance to live
And remember you can't get back what you give
So don't give your life away
Just live your life and you'll be okay
Don't worry about heaven or hell
Cause ethier way you'll be dead as well
No matter what achievement you acomplished
Or what dream you demolished
If you were a coward or brave
In the end you'll be nothing more than a corpse in a grave
It won't matter how you went down
You'll still be 50ft beneath the ground
Dirt and bugs all around
Consumed by Earth
This is your purpose since birth
So before you die
Take a good long look at the sky


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