Live, Love, Die

Morbid sleep of a thousand years.
Wake grotesque and lustful intent.
I am under the control of all my fears.
Blood calling for the escape of life's indecent.

Loathed and ignored I lay to sleep,
Dark comatose state to hide my heart.
All experienced, all agonizing life weeps,
Dull and stagnant, I was cursed from the start.

Wake and sleep.
Bleed and weep
Stir and cry.
Live, Love, Die.

Closed eye, and coffin lay,
My heart is open, as I am closed in my grave.
Sleeping to avoid all demons that come my way.
Demonic ideals, my soul torture, tear and enslave.

Lack-loved and learned to hate,
I am turned reclusive for safety's sake.
There is nothing more my heart can relate,
Unless you are to be tainted in my hellish wake.

Wake and sleep.
Bleed and weep.
Stir and cry.
Live, Love, Die

Pugent odor of dying tongue
From decayed mouth, my words rot and fall.
The final bell has finally rung;
To hell I return upon my call.

Blood drained and hope depleted,
Lay love inside and leave.
My grave readily reads, in gothic style,
'Here lies he who passionately dreamed and was deceived.'

Wake and sleep.
Bleed and weep.
Stir and cry.
Live, Love, Die.

by Robert L. Bixler III

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