Live, Love Forgive

we dont know what for us tomorrow holds.
mystery or misery? only known after day unfolds.
what took you years to build on.
with the next dawn it might be gone.

feel the warmth of the sun before its ruled by the night.
capture the twinkling stars before hits the morning light.
speak your heart out, tomorrow they may just not wish to hear.
live the moment, you never know when they will dissapear.

love with every heart beat when she is by thy side.
your tears wont do any good, when the feelings in them have died.
look at her closely today, touch her, kiss her, love her.
coz tomorrow u'll do something stupid just to lose her.

dont leave any friends when they are sick and crying.
be kind, be honest, live like you are dying.
dream big, dream impossible, dream that you are flying.
then see the magic of your will, live like you are dying.

hold your anger, it will only make the things worse.
will only bring the grief along with the curse.
just learn to love and learn to forgive.
though one day you will turn into ashes forever u'll live.

by bikram baniya

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